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Protective Styles For Short Hair That Will Turn Heads


Are you looking to try something new with your short hair? Protective styles are the perfect way to switch things up while keeping your hair healthy. As a hair care specialist, I'm here to share some of my favorite protective style ideas that will turn heads wherever you go!

Protective styling is an excellent choice for those who want to experiment with their look without compromising on strength and health. With these easy-to-follow steps, you can create beautiful hairstyles in no time at all. Keep reading to find out more about protective styles for short hair that will get people talking!

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Box Braids

When it comes to protective styles for short hair, box braids are definitely a head turner. They're not too heavy and can easily be customized with highlights to add dimension or simply left as is. Whether you're looking for something simple yet chic, or big and bold the possibilities are endless with this style.

The process of creating these beauties starts by sectioning off the hair into tiny parts in order to begin inserting each individual strand of synthetic or human hair one by one. Depending on your preference, there are many options when it comes to thickness size, length, and color. It takes some time but once complete you have a polished look that will last up to eight weeks if properly taken care of!

Mini twists and French braids pair perfectly with box braids because they help break up the texture without taking away from its beauty. Not only do they give the illusion of longer locks but also offer an opportunity for creative expression through accessorizing with colorful beads or scarves. All together, this combination makes for an effortless yet unique hairstyle that won't go unnoticed!

Faux Locs

Installing Faux Locs is a great way to protect short hair while achieving a stylish look. To begin, you'll need some faux locs, a crochet needle, and some hair gel or mousse. For styling, you can opt for a half-up/half-down look or a full updo. To keep your faux locs looking fresh, make sure to moisturize your scalp and use a silk scarf for bedtime. You can also accessorize with beads or hair cuffs to add a unique touch. With proper maintenance, your faux locs can last up to two months.

How To Install Faux Locs

Are you looking to add a little extra something special to your short hair? Faux Locs are an amazing protective style that will turn heads everywhere you go! Installing faux locs is easy and takes minimal effort, but there's some things to consider before diving in. Here's how to get the look!

Before installing faux locs on your short hair, start by sectioning off small parts of your natural hair with a comb or brush for each strand of synthetic braiding hair. Make sure to use clips and bands to keep these sections secure. After all of your natural hair is separated into different strands, it's time to begin attaching the faux locks onto them. Grab one strand at a time, and carefully wrap it around the base of the braid until it is fully secured. Repeat this process until all of the braids have been installed properly.

As you're accessorizing your locs, be mindful not to over-accessorize as too much weight can put strain on your scalp and cause tension headaches down the line. When styling tips like these are followed correctly, they will help maintain healthy growth while keeping up with trends at the same time!

Styling Ideas For Faux Locs

Once you have your faux locs installed, it's time to get creative with styling! The beauty of protective styles like these is that you can mix up the look without having to commit. For starters, try using a curl defining cream or mousse for added texture and volume. You could also use hair accessories such as beads, head wraps or even colorful ribbons for a fun pop of color. Just make sure to not overdo it with too much weight on your natural hair; this will ensure healthy growth and prevent any tension headaches from occurring. With some practice, you'll be able to come up with unique ideas that compliment your look while keeping your natural locks safe in the process!

Maintenance Tips For Faux Locs

Now that you have your faux locs installed, it's important to take extra care of them and maintain their look. Luckily, with the right tips, it can be easy! For starters, try using a moisturizing shampoo to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Avoid brushing or combing out your locs too often as this can cause breakage. Instead, use a conditioning spray to detangle any knots without compromising the integrity of the style. Accessorizing is also a great way to switch up your look while keeping your natural locks safe; just make sure not to weigh down your hair with heavy accessories like beads or ribbons when doing so. With these few simple steps in mind and some practice, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful faux locs for weeks on end!


Cornrows are a classic protective style for short hair that will turn heads. This hairstyle has been around for centuries, and is still popular today due to its versatility. Cornrows can be styled in countless ways, from the traditional straight back look to intricate designs incorporating beads or cowrie shells. They're also relatively easy to maintain, as long as you keep them moisturized with oil regularly.

Crochet braids are another great option if you have short hair and want a standout style that turns heads. This type of braid looks like your natural hair but requires few skills – all you need is some cornrowed sections on which to attach the pre-braided synthetic hair extensions. The result is an eye-catching design that won't damage your real locks underneath it.

Senegalese twists are perfect if you want a low maintenance yet showstopping look. These two-strand twisted strands require minimal upkeep and stay neat for weeks at a time! They come in many different colors so you can customize your look however you choose, plus they'll provide plenty of protection against sun, wind, and dirt damage while keeping your own hair safe too. All in all, Senegalese twists are definitely worth considering when looking for protective styles for short hair that will turn heads!

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an incredibly popular protective style for short hair that can turn heads. They are a great way to add texture, volume and definition to your look without any major commitment or damage to your hair. The way Bantu knots work is by taking small sections of the hair and wrapping them into tight coils around the scalp. You can do this with wet or dry hair – whichever works best for you!

Once you've completed all the knots, there are several ways to style them. For example, you can leave them as-is for a cute yet edgy ‘do, or decorate with beaded updos if you really want to make a statement. Half shaved designs also look fantastic with Bantu knots. If you're feeling creative, try experimenting with different colors and textures until you find something unique that looks perfect on you!

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to styling Bantu knots. Whether you choose to keep it simple or opt for something more daring – either way it will definitely capture attention in all the right ways. So don't hesitate; give those beautiful locks some love and show off your creativity today!


After the intricate style of Bantu knots, another classic protective hairstyle is twists. Perfect for short hair that needs a little extra oomph, you can create this look with just two simple steps: first twist and then loc knot! Creating a French twist is also an option if your lengths are long enough to accommodate it.

To get started on twisting your hair, begin by sectioning off small pieces from all around your head. Depending on how tight or loose you would like the finished product to be, use either smaller or larger sections. Once these have been created, take each piece and twist them together in one direction until they form a single lock or strand - making sure not to over-twist as this may cause breakage. Continue doing so throughout the entire head until all locks have been twisted into place.

When complete, secure any ends that need taming down by using bobby pins and hairsprays. To finish off up this look, try styling with accessories such as colorful ribbons and headbands - adding more personality to the overall aesthetic of your chosen style!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Products Should I Use To Maintain My Protective Style?

When it comes to maintaining a protective style, the key is choosing products that will nourish your hair and protect from heat damage. When braiding or twisting short hair, make sure you use a light-weight oil for protection against breakage and dryness. A great option is an anti-frizz serum with heat protection. This is especially important when using hot styling tools like curling irons or blow driers. Make sure to apply oils afterwards as well to keep the scalp hydrated and moisturized!

Should I Shampoo My Protective Style?

When it comes to maintaining a protective style, shampooing is an important part of the process. It's essential to use both a moisturizing technique and heat protection when washing your hair in order to keep it healthy and looking its best. Shampooing regularly will help remove any product buildup from styling products or sweat that can accumulate over time. Be sure not to scrub too hard though - be gentle with your scalp as you massage the shampoo into your roots for optimal results!

How Often Should I Refresh My Protective Style?

Refreshing your protective style is key for keeping it looking great. Heat protection and split ends are the main concerns when protecting your hair from styling damage, so you should take care to refresh your look every 2-4 weeks. While this may seem like a frequent task at first, with proper maintenance you can keep split ends away and enjoy beautiful styles that will turn heads!

How Long Will A Protective Style Last?

Protective styles come in many forms, such as braiding techniques and heat styling. Depending on the type of style chosen, how well it's been taken care of, and its complexity, a protective style can last anywhere from two weeks to several months. To ensure your protective style lasts as long as possible, make sure you're using quality hair products that are tailored for your specific needs. Additionally, be sure to keep up with regular maintenance appointments with your stylist so they can help optimize the longevity of your look.

Are Protective Styles Bad For My Hair?

Protective styles are often seen as a temporary solution to hair care, but this is not necessarily true. The right styling techniques can actually help your hair in the long run if done properly. However, there are some precautions to consider when utilizing any protective style. It's important to use quality products that won't dry out or damage your hair while wearing these styles and make sure you're getting regular trims and deep conditioning treatments so that all of your strands stay healthy and hydrated. With proper maintenance and research on which techniques will be best for your specific needs, protective styles can be an effective way to keep your hair looking great without sacrificing its health.


Wrapping up, protective styles are an excellent way to show off your short hair and turn heads. With the right products, proper maintenance routine, and understanding of how long a style can last, you can rock any look! But remember: at the end of the day, it's about what makes you feel good. Do you love rocking an updo or prefer something more laid back? The choice is yours!

At the same time though, don't forget that taking care of your hair should always come first. Can we really put a price tag on healthy locks? After all, why go for a dramatic change if it means compromising our hair health in return? It's important to do your research before attempting any new look so that you can be sure it works with both your lifestyle and needs. So ask yourself: which protective style will make me feel my best while being gentle on my tresses?