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How To Keep Your Protective Style In Place While Enjoying The Pool


Hi everyone! It's your hair care specialist here, and today I'm going to talk about how you can keep your protective style in place while enjoying the pool. Whether you're a fan of swimming or just want to lounge around in the sun, it's important to protect your hair from potential damage that may occur as a result of pool water and chlorine. Here are some tips for maintaining your protective hairstyle when taking a dip in the pool this summer season.

Protective styles have become increasingly popular among people looking for an easy way to manage their natural hair without compromising its health. With these styles, it is possible to enjoy all sorts of activities without fear of damaging our tresses. However, if you plan on spending any time in the pool this summer season, there are certain precautions you must take before diving in headfirst. In the next two paragraphs, I'll tell you exactly what those precautions are so that you can stay safe and look fabulous by the poolside.

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Pre-Pool Hair Prep

Prepping for a pool day can be like trying to build a house - it takes time, patience and attention to detail. As a hair care specialist I recommend taking the extra steps before jumping in the water to make sure your protective style stays in place all summer long.

Start with deep conditioning your tresses as this will provide an extra layer of protection against chlorine damage as well as keep moisture locked in while swimming. Use heat protection spray if you plan on using any hot tools after getting out of the pool, such as curling wands or flat irons. This will help reduce the amount of styling products needed later and eliminates unnecessary breakage.

Lastly, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner over sections of your hair prior to putting in your protective style and don't forget that wetting down your hair before heading into the pool helps limit exposure to harsh chemicals – just remember not to put too much product near where you part or braid! With these tips you are now ready for a fun filled and safe swim session!

Waterproof Hair Accessories

As a hair care specialist, it is important to provide helpful tips for protecting and maintaining your protective style while enjoying the pool. Waterproofing products are an essential part of this process. Here are three items you should look for when shopping for waterproof accessories:

  1. Waterproof Sprays - These sprays can be used before going into the water to help shield your hair from chlorine and other chemicals that can damage natural or synthetic hair strands.
  2. Sealing Products - Silicone-based sealing products create a barrier around each strand, helping to keep moisture out and prevent breakage caused by swimming in chlorinated pools.
  3. Styling Gels/Mousses - Styling gels or mousses will add additional hold to your style, ensuring that everything stays in place even after taking multiple dips in the pool.

By using these waterproof products along with other protective styling techniques like wrapping up your hairstyle overnight or installing bonnets before getting into the water, you'll be able to enjoy the summer months without worrying about unsightly split ends or frizzy flyaways due to excessive exposure to sun and chlorine!

Choose A Suitable Swim Cap

As a hair care specialist, it's important to know how to keep your protective style in place while enjoying the pool. Choosing the right swim cap is essential for keeping your locks safe from chlorine and other chemicals. Let's take a look at some of the best fabrics and waterproofing tips when choosing a suitable swim cap:

Fabric TypeProsCons
May not provide enough coverage
LatexGood fit
Provides full head coverage
Can be uncomfortable if worn too long or too tight
SiliconeLong lasting
Flexible material that allows for comfortable wear
More expensive than other types of caps

When selecting a fabric type for your swim cap, consider both its pros and cons. Fabrics like lycra/spandex are lightweight and stretchable, but may not offer as much protection as latex or silicone options. On the other hand, latex provides good fitting coverage but can become uncomfortable after extended use. Finally, silicone has many benefits such as flexibility and durability; however, it tends to be pricier compared to other materials.

No matter which fabric you choose for your swim cap, there are certain steps you should take to ensure maximum waterproofing. Make sure to adjust the straps so that they sit snuggly on your head without feeling overly tight. Additionally, it's helpful to apply a small amount of conditioner around the edges before putting on your cap – this will help prevent any chafing or irritation due to friction between skin and fabric. With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to finding a great swim cap that keeps all those precious curls protected!

Keeping Your Hair Moisturized

Swim caps are a great way to protect your protective style while enjoying the pool, but it's also important to take steps to keep your hair moisturized. Deep conditioning can help lock in moisture and provide extra protection from chlorine. After swimming, be sure to rinse with cool water, avoiding hot water that could dry out your hair.

Using heat protection is another measure you can take for keeping your hair healthy at the pool. Heat protection products like sprays or creams create an invisible barrier between your hair and the sun's rays, preventing dehydration and breakage caused by UV exposure. These products should only be applied after deep conditioning has had time to sink into the strands.

It's also smart to bring along a leave-in conditioner spray bottle when spending hours outside near the pool so you can give yourself a quick spritz every now and then throughout the day. This will add hydration back into your curls without adding too much weight or making them greasy. Remember that taking these proactive measures before and during swimming season will ensure that you enjoy fabulous looking locks all summer long!

Post-Pool Hair Care

Ah, summertime. The days are longer and the pool is calling! However, if you're rocking a protective style like braids or twists, it can be a bit tricky to keep your hair looking good while having fun in the sun. Fear not: with these simple steps, you can reap all of the benefits of swimming without compromising the health of your hair.

First off, before taking a dip make sure to soak your scalp in water and apply a leave-in conditioner that contains natural oils such as jojoba or coconut oil. This will help protect your tresses from chlorine absorption – which can lead to dryness and breakage down the road – while also keeping them moisturized during your swim session.

Afterward, rinse out any remaining product with lukewarm water (avoid scalding hot!), then use a deep conditioning treatment for an extra dose of hydration. You may even want to consider spritzing on some light oils post-swim sesh for added nourishment. Keep in mind that no matter how much time you spend at the pool this summer, taking care of your hair should always come first!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Protective Style Should I Use While Swimming?

Braiding techniques are a great way to protect your hair while swimming. Cornrows, French braids, and Dutch braids can all help keep your mane secure from chlorine damage. As an added bonus, these styles are also relatively easy to manage as you get in and out of the pool. To further ensure protection for your hair, consider wearing protective accessories such as head scarves and swim caps. These will provide extra coverage against water exposure and any chemicals present in the pool. With just a bit of preparation before diving in, you can enjoy your time in the pool knowing that your hairstyle is safe!

How Can I Prevent My Protective Style From Getting Tangled In The Pool?

Braiding techniques are a great way to keep your protective style in place while enjoying the pool. By braiding hair tightly and avoiding flyaways, you can create a water-resistant barrier that won't get tangled easily. To ensure optimal protection, use products specifically designed for swimming such as creams, conditioners, or gels that help reduce friction between strands of hair. With proper preparation and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy time in the pool without worrying about tangles or damage to your protective style.

Are There Any Special Swimming Techniques I Should Use To Protect My Hair?

When it comes to braid maintenance while swimming, there are certain techniques you should use to protect your hair. Try using a swim cap or special accessories made specifically for protective styles. This will help keep your braids in place and prevent any tangling from occurring. Additionally, make sure to rinse off with fresh water immediately after leaving the pool and deep condition before styling again. Following these simple steps can help ensure that your protective style is well-maintained even when enjoying the pool!

Is There A Way To Keep My Hair Hydrated While In The Pool?

Are you wondering how to keep your hair hydrated while enjoying a dip in the pool? Well, fortunately for us all, I'm here to tell you that it is possible! The key is to develop a pre and post swim routine. Before hopping in the water, make sure to use a lightweight leave-in conditioner or spray to protect your tresses from the harsh chlorine. Once out of the pool, rinse off immediately with fresh clean water and apply an intensive deep conditioning treatment or mask. This should help maintain moisture levels and ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated!

How Can I Protect My Scalp From The Harsh Chlorine In The Pool Water?

It's important to protect your scalp from the harsh chlorine in the pool water. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing a swimming hat or cap when you go for a swim. This will help keep some of the chlorine away from your scalp and hair, as well as prevent any excess moisture from getting trapped under your protective style. Additionally, it's also a good idea to rinse off after every swim with fresh clean water to remove any lingering chlorine on your skin and hair.


As a hair care specialist, I'm often asked how to keep protective styles in place while enjoying the pool. To answer this question, it's important to choose the right style of protection for your type of hair and use special swimming techniques that will help protect it from becoming tangled. Additionally, you can prevent damage from chlorine by keeping your scalp hydrated with natural oils or conditioners. With these tips, you'll be able to enjoy the pool worry-free knowing that your protective style is safe and secure!